Want to shout out a lot of Thank You’s for yesterday’s Event..
Thank you to the Health Related Vendors.
Thank you for those that attended.
Thank you to Jane Steven’s Wilmott for the beautiful flowers and butterflies on the walls.
Thank you to Belinda Huffman in the kitchen with her incredible scrumptious delights.
Thank you to all the businesses here in town and in Kent Bridge who put the event on their signage.
Thank you to all of my friends that constantly shared the event.
Thank you to all of the 17 sponsors for the beautiful balloon bouquets.
Thank you to Christal Wills for the front foyer and for the fresh flowers on the dining tables.
Thank you to the student volunteers and volunteers who helped set up the tables and tear them down.
Thank you to all of those that purchased tickets weeks ag0 on the two large baskets so that the Czech Hall could experience all NEW TABLES for this event… It was incredible to have all of those.
A Big Thank you to a small community~~~~~