(Dana Haggith)

Firefighters responded to a structure fire at a home located at 44 Elgin Street in Wallaceburg at 10:46 a.m. on Sunday morning, April 28.

“Fire crews from Wallaceburg and Chatham were dispatched to a working basement fire (Sunday) morning,” stated Assistant Chief Philip Thorburn in a media release.

“The lone occupant heard a popping sound and then the smoke alarm sounded. She safely exited the structure without injury. On her way out of the structure, she closed the interior door to the basement, which significantly reduced the smoke damage to the home.”

Thorburn said on their arrival, fire crews conducted an aggressive interior attack on the fire and as a result were able to prevent the extension of the fire into the main living area of the home.

“Most of the damage from the fire was contained to the basement area,” he said.

“There were no injuries because of the fire.”

Damage is estimated at $30,000.

The cause has been ruled accidental, but the blaze is still under investigation.

Here are some photos from the scene: