(Municipality of Chatham-Kent)

For the first time in Chatham-Kent history, a regular Council meeting will be held outside of the City of Chatham.

A motion by Mayor Darrin Canniff was approved by Council on Monday night, April 29, for a pilot effort to host a Chatham-Kent Council meeting at Ryder Hall in Tilbury on Monday, October 7, 2019.

The cost of no more than $2,000 for the meeting will come from the strategic reserve.

After the pilot meeting, administration will prepare a report for further consideration including actual costs of holding the meeting in Tilbury, any challenges encountered and a proposed schedule for future meetings in the other wards.

These potential meetings would be held in Wallaceburg, Ridgetown, Dresden, and Blenheim during this Council term.

“The purpose of this is to be more inclusive… you hit the nail right on the head, it is meant to be more inclusive,” Canniff said.

“Talking to a lot of people outside of Chatham, they feel they are not a part of Chatham-Kent. This is one major step to move forward to make people feel a part of Chatham-Kent. For at least once a term all of Council with gather in that Ward.”

A staff report indicates administration reviewed several options to consider when looking at hosting Council meetings in all communities of Chatham-Kent.

“Several topics were considered such as potential locations, technical requirements, media coverage, pre-meeting preparations, costs, public consultant and other options of engagement,” a staff report states.

The full report can be seen, here.