From The Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

I want to honour my mom today on this Mothers’ Day by recounting to you the word of a card that she gave me on my birthday back in February.

The card contained a powerful poem entitled, ‘To Be a Man.’

Here is what it said: “The man of greatest strength is also one of gentleness.

The most accomplished man learns both from failure and success.

The man of strongest leadership knows how to follow, too – and that asking for help can sometimes be the best thing he can do.

The wisest man of all is one who takes a look within – to embrace what he’s becoming, and to learn from where he’s been.

If a man attempts all this (and only someone special can), then he truly has the heart and soul it takes to be a man.”

The card then concludes with the phrase, “You’re everything a parent could ever hope for, so be proud of who you are and of the way you live your life.”

It then has a handwritten ‘mom’ at the bottom.

I loved getting this card from her, and you know what?

I got the very same one last year from her!

I’m not sure how that happened but I believe it was a God thing.

I believe God knew I needed these words reinforced.

My mom’s affirmation of me as a parent and as a man of integrity is worth more than gold to me.

I love my mom and am glad to celebrate her in a special way today.

I hope you will do the same for your mom.

If your mom is in heaven then just say a little prayer of thanks to God for her on this Mothers’ Day.