By Glen Turner – Special to the Sydenham Current

Is there any prettier sight in the Spring than a large Magnolia tree in full bloom?

Or a Forsythia?

The yellow of my daffodils, the spring flowers everywhere… and the wildflowers – just a joy to see!

The flash of colours of the birds that are back!

And… green!

Don’t forget green!

So nice that we’re done with bare trees, dead brown grass…

I don’t even mind the large bird chorus outside my windows in the morning!

So many beautiful songs from our bird population, so many sounds of lawn mowers… at this time of year, I don’t even mind the noise of the motorcycles!

There’s even the sound of boats on the waterways!

Take time to smell the flowers… or enjoy the smell of a newly-mowed lawn.

Dig a flower bed, and enjoy the smell of freshly-turned earth.

The scent of barbecues all over the neighbourhood!

Or wood smoke from backyard bonfires!

Oh, yes – all is good.