(Municipality of Chatham-Kent)

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority has issued another flood warning, as flooding is currently occurring in Erieau and could be expected to last overnight.

LTVCA officials say other communities around Rondeau Bay are also being impacted as well.

“The Strong Wind Warning from Environment Canada’s Marine Forecast remains in effect for western Lake Erie,” LTVCA officials said in a press release.

“Strong winds from the east have raised static water levels around 10 cm in the Rondeau Bay area. The winds are also producing waves on top of elevated water levels. Some forecasts suggest that the strong winds will last all day long and through the evening period before dropping off and switching to the north.”

LTVCA officials say there is currently flooding occurring in the communities backing onto Rondeau Bay.

“The flooding in Erieau already appears slightly worse than that experienced last week,” officials say.

“Properties on the bay side are most affected, with water on the properties and around homes. There is currently water on Bayview Ave and some on Ross Lane as well. There are also some properties in Shrewsbury that are affected.Elsewhere around Rondeau Bay, water levels in the ditches and roadside drains are very high and impacting low lying areas.”

Some forecasts suggest that the winds causing this flooding could last all day and through the evening period, and therefore flooding could be expected to continue into the overnight period, LTVCA officials say.

“People should take extra caution and avoid shoreline. The waves can be strong and the shoreline slippery. There could also be hazardous debris within the waves and water which could be thrown onto the shoreline. Standing water can also present unseen hazards. Children and pets should be kept away from the water.”

Officials will continue to monitor the situation and update this advisory if necessary.

This flood warning will be in effect until Monday.