(Rori Bennett)

By Rori Bennett – Junior Reporter

The Sydenham Campus of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) welcomed the donation of new equipment into their facility, thanks to the Florence Nightingale Home Foundation Order of the Eastern Star.

The Chatham Kent Health Alliance Foundation received a $4,000 donation towards three Symmetry Plus Treatment Recliners for use at the Wallaceburg site of the CKHA.

The recliners help with patient mobility and promote recovery by helping patients get out of bed faster.

Members of the Florence Nightingale Home Foundation Order of the Eastern Star (FNHF), including the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and other directors were in attendance at the event, along with representatives from CKHA and the Foundation of CKHA.

Lisa Northcott, vice president and chief nursing executive for the CKHA, said there was a need for these recliners.

“So, these recliners can actually be used in all three areas to provide care at the Wallaceburg campus… our Emergency department, our Inpatient care areas, and our Ambulatory care departments,” Northcott said.

“It allows patients a very comfortable chair to sit in while they are receiving treatment.”

The FNHF has been a key partner with accredited Ontario hospitals in donating clinical equipment essential for patient care since 2002.

“These chairs actually recline, so for patients that are here for an ambulatory care treatment that may take a few hours, these chairs provide them with a place to sit, receive that treatment and be comfortable,” Northcott said.

“In our inpatient care areas, it allows patients to get out of their beds and be ambulatory, and to have a comfortable, therapeutic chair to sit in while they are out of bed.”

Here are some photos from the presentation: