Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Resisting change

From The Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

It’s been said that “one reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to GIVE UP, instead of what they have to GAIN.”

Before I got married so many people told me that my freedom would be gone right after I said “I do.”

They also said that having kids would curtail any sports interests or hobbies that I enjoyed.

Thankfully, there were others who encouraged me in these new life changes.

Now, almost 29 years and five kids later I can say that I have gained so much more than I have lost.

Many years ago, when I first came to the church in Wallaceburg, there was a lady who had to move out of her home and go into a seniors’ residence.

This was quite a change for her and she also had to give up her driver’s license.

The first few times that I went to see her I always found her sitting alone in her room, brooding and bemoaning her change of circumstance.

However, one day a while later I went to see her and she was not in her room.

I was informed by one of the staff that she had gone on a bus trip with some of the other residents.

When I finally did catch up with her she explained to me how she had changed her attitude and now a whole new world of opportunity had opened up to her.

She made the decision to focus on what she had gained, instead of what she had to give up.

She was rarely in her room after that!

Are you facing any change in your life right now?

What will your attitude be?

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