More Than An Advertisement

Buying a sponsorship on the Sydenham Current is far more than buying an ad… you’re doing your part to help keep media at home.

Local media is vital to a community on many levels, including:

– Local concerns are addressed publicly

– It ensures accountability

– Accomplishments are recognized

– People can communicate with the entire community

– Residents are informed, engaged and entertained

Across Canada and North America, media is being stripped and slashed. Journalists are being thrown aside and long-running publications closed in favour of corporate agendas and shrinking bottom lines.

This harsh reality is already happening and is picking up pace in our own back yards:

– Wallaceburg News (2007), Dresden Leader (2013) closed

– Over 1,000 people have been axed by Sun Media since November, 2012

– In Chatham-Kent alone: this includes a former publisher, a managing editor, assistant managing editor, advertising manager, circulation manager, sales reps, customer service reps and numerous reporters.

We want to ensure this gloomy trend doesn’t affect our communities any more, however, action and support is needed. By creating an on-line newspaper for Wallaceburg and Dresden, we are following our hearts and passion. We care about this community and want to provide and maintain this essential service for the residents.

Check out our three sponsorship packages below and see what level best suits your business! Give Dana a shout to discuss other options at 519-784-4610.