Sunday, March 7, 2021

OSPCA launches 24 hour Animal Cruelty Hotline

Ontario SPCA launches province-wide, toll-free 24-hour phone number to report suspected animal cruelty:


In October 2013 the provincial government announced its support for enhanced Animal Welfare services across the Province of Ontario.

Thanks to this support the Ontario SPCA has implemented a number of initiatives, including:

• Enhancing the responsiveness of investigators to animal welfare complaints from rural and northern communities.

• Creating a major case management team of specially trained investigators whose responsibilities will include cracking down on puppy and kitten mills.

• Conducting regular inspections of all zoos and aquariums in the province, and maintaining a registry of those facilities.

• Delivering specialized livestock training for investigators in the agricultural sector.

As a result of the government’s support, the Ontario SPCA has implemented a new animal welfare central dispatch system for anyone across Ontario to call, should they have concerns for the welfare of any animal.

 310-SPCA is now a province-wide, toll-free central dispatch number to report animal cruelty. All calls received through this central number will be assessed by a trained operator and the report will be assigned to the appropriate enforcement officer.

“Our government and the OSPCA are focused on making sure our pets, and all animals, are protected. That is what this new 24-hour central dispatch hotline is all about and is a key part of our $5.5 million annual investment to increase protections for animals right across Ontario. This hotline highlights our government’s partnership with the OSPCA, and helps them do the excellent work they do every day to make sure more cases of animal abuse can be reported, more animals are protected, and more animal abusers are brought to justice,” – Yasir Naqvi, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services.


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