Tuesday, April 20, 2021

CKPS using ‘Crime Plot’ tool


The Chatham-Kent Police Service announces ‘Crime Plot’ a new crime prevention tool available to our community.

Policing today involves more than just law enforcement. Police continue to emphasize the importance of community mobilization and community engagement as a critical component of building safe and healthy communities. The CKPolice continues its dedication to community safety and wellbeing with the addition of ‘Crime Plot’ to our police website.

‘Crime Plot’ is a tool that will allow members of our community access to information on the calls for service CKPolice attend in their neighbourhood. Police will be posting geographical information on a 90-day rotation. By providing this type of information to our community, citizens can take further steps to prevent crime and victimization in their local neighbourhood.

Our approach to crime prevention, community mobilization, and the building of safe, healthy communities is based on utilizing the resources that already exist in the community. This includes all agencies, services, and offices of government, businesses, and community-based organizations. It also includes full participation and collaboration with vulnerable populations. We strongly believe that communities and individual must be supported by police and other partners and empowered to improve the safety of their communities.

To use ‘Crime Plot’ click on http://ckpolice.com/, select the crime plot window which will redirect you to the crime plot site. Accept the agreement at the bottom of the page and then select “Chatham-Kent”. From there you will be able to a select a date range, specific incident types and either a marker type or heat map feature.

This project is part of the ongoing efforts of the CKPolice that will encourage citizen engagement in community safety while providing additional tools to assist our officers in better serving our community.

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