Saturday, May 30, 2020

Busy Polls in Dresden

The Lambton-Kent Memorial Agricultural Centre in Dresden has been busy all day, as community members came to the polls to cast their vote for the 2014 Provincial Election.

Opening this morning at 9 a.m, Lloyd Seaton, a poll official, said the volume of voters has been “quite steady.”

A group of 17 poll officials are currently present organizing 7 polling stations.

Andy Cornell, supervisory deputy returning officer, said that they encourage all people in the community to vote.

“This year we would like to get above 50 per cent of people voting,” he said.

He added it has been pretty steady so far.

“There were people lined up before the polls were open and it’s really been non stop since,” he said. “Elections Ontario wants to encourage as many people as possible to vote. It’s easy.”

A woman, who would like to remain anonymous, said that she feels her vote doesn’t matter.

“It’s sad you know,” she said. “All that money with the signs that could go towards the people instead. I’m just so frustrated with the government. I don’t have any faith with the individual candidates.”

She added it’s hard to know the best party to vote for because “they act like children. They all just complain about everyone else’s flaws,” he said.

Judy Forsyth said she is frustrated with how Ontario’s voting system works.

“I don’t think it makes one bit of difference,” she said. “One thing I hate about our system is let’s say I wanted to vote for Monte then the head of his party gets in, who I don’t want. I wish there was a way to vote just locally and up there separately. The system bugs me.”

Deb St. Pierre said it has to make a difference.”

Her (Judy Forsyth) dad went to war so we could do this so of course we’re going to do this,” she said. “It has to make somewhat of a difference.”

Faye Hildebrand said she needs to be more aware of what the issues are.

“I end up making up my mind at the last minute,” she said. “My husband is the more politically minded one in our family, who today is voting for the first time, so he’s pretty excited about that.”

Polls are open until 9 p.m.

Voters are asked to bring their voting cards that were sent in the mail along with I.D to prove their identity.


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