Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Dresden Raceway results for July 6


Here are the result of the second day of racing at Dresden Raceway on Sunday, July 6.

Total Purse: $32,800

Total Handle: $17,760

Race #1

1st Stimulus Spending (br,g,4 – I Am A Fool-Forbidden Affair-Cambest)
Owner: Daniel G Kenney,Lasalle,ON

2nd Rebel Pride (b,h,5 – Courier Hanover-Rhiannon Rose-Western Hanover)
Owner: John W Bell,Petrolia,ON

3rd On Cloud Nine (br,h,4 – Badlands Hanover-Bevs Raindrop-Camluck)
Owner: Joseph & Beverley A Santarossa,Maidstone,ON

Race #2

1st Kelly Rae (ch,m,7 – Thatll Be Me-Totally Terrific-Totally Ruthless)
Owner: John C & Sandra J Lester,Lambton Shores,ON

2nd Electricintensions (b,f,3 – No Pan Intended-Hydrophilic-Albert Albert)
Owner: Dean G Wilson-Ashley Hay,Kerwood,ON

3rd Primary Pick (br,f,3 – Rambaran-Presidents Pick-Artsplace)
Owner: Jeffrey D Miller,Blenheim,ON

Race #3

1st Wallstreet Bailout (b,m,6 – Coventry-Fridays Banker-Wall Street Banker)
Owner: Scott L Altizer,Caro,MI

2nd Majestic View (b,g,5 – Majestic Son-Aunt Tilly-Supergill)
Owner: Robert A Mackenzie Jr,Rockwood,ON

3rd Tymal Presto (b,g,4 – Ken Warkentin-Whatthehecklavec-Mr Lavec)
Owner: Elmer P Jorgensen,London,ON

Race #4

1st Billy White Sell (b,g,6 – Camluck-Always A Yankee-Western Hanover)
Owner: Alfred G Carroll,Iona Station-Angela M Carroll,Iona,ON

2nd Bestofthebunch (b,g,3 – Artistic Fella-Terinas Best-Cambest)
Owner: Boris Laus,South Woodslee,ON

3rd Sure As Shooting (b,g,3 – Stonebridge Regal-Shoot Out-Western Hanover)
Owner: Douglas Wm Kingdon,Lambton Shores-Blancher Stables Inc,Sarnia,ON

Race #5

1st Wallet Sniffer (b,h,5 – Camotion-Had To Have Her-Beastmaster)
Owner: Donald S McMurren,South Woodslee,ON

2nd Gears Of War (b,g,6 – Geartogear-Ms Soprano-Life Sign)
Owner: James W Napper,Bothwell,ON

3rd Bo Grayson (ro,g,8 – Artiscape-Bonneville Hanover-Laag)
Owner: James M Ainsworth,Sarnia,ON

Race #6

1st Laverns Art (br,g,9 – Party At Artsplace-Meri Lynn Legacy-Nuclear Legacy)
Owner: James E Coke,Wyoming,ON

2nd Stir And Serve (b,g,8 – Armbro Trench-Sweet Sangria-Run The Table)
Owner: Lindsey R Kerr,Amherstburg-Joanne E Mayhew,London,ON

3rd Magnum Seelster (b,g,9 – Intrepid Seelster-Mattjestic-Matts Scooter)
Owner: Larry Currie,Sarnia,ON

Race #7

1st Cat Four (b,g,10 – Camotion-Dear Abergail-Abercrombie)
Owner: Alfred G Carroll,Iona Station-Angela M Carroll,Iona,ON

2nd Mcrileymac (b,g,12 – Bo Knows Jate-Smokeytross-Ladatross)
Owner: Ellie M Mayhew,Windsor,ON

3rd Unique Shuffle (b,g,8 – Aces N Sevens-Unique Gal-Unique Concept)
Owner: Janet C Larcombe,Clinton,ON

Race #8

1st Prettysheissheis (b,m,7 – Million Dollar Cam-Pretty Sign-Life Sign)
Owner: Lisa A Spencer,London,ON

2nd Rammattic (br,m,6 – Rambaran-Lafemattique-Matts Scooter)
Owner: Dominic De Santis,Windsor-Tom Jacobs,Kingsville,ON

3rd Bo Knows Best (blk,m,11 – Bo Knows Jate-Melody Of Life-Life Sign)
Owner: Michael G Carther,Dresden,ON

Race #9

1st Ee Bay (b,m,10 – Keystone Raider-Bay Of Biscay-Topnotcher)
Owner: William D Johnson,Monroe,MI

2nd My Sisters A Witch (b,m,8 – Aces N Sevens-Easy Eva-Abercrombie)
Owner: Marc M Adams,Essex-Robert H Emmons,Maidstone,ON

3rd Samillion Dollars (br,m,5 – Western Terror-Southeast-Grinfromeartoear)
Owner: Amber L Robinet,Wheatley,ON

Race #10

1st Brandon Cs (b,g,5 – Chocolatier-C C Jennifer P-Garland Lobell)
Owner: Janice L Annett,Wyoming-Marjorie C Simmons,Chatham,ON

2nd Strike A Light (b,g,8 – Striking Sahbra-Keystone Gerty-Donerail)
Owner: Stephen J Palermo,Brampton,ON

3rd Gracies Harmony (b,m,7 – Hard Rock N Roll-Every Boys Dream-Royal Troubador)
Owner: Allan R Steeves,London,ON

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