Monday, July 26, 2021

Don’t be a backseat driver

student driver driving back seat driving road

From The Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

Currently, I have three daughters in my household who are learning to drive.

As a protective dad who has amnesia about how much I put my parents through when I was learning to drive, this has been a test of patience for me.

My critical brain is more apt to point out all the flaws, at the expense of any praise.

This became quite apparent to me on a recent road trip with the whole family.

One daughter was driving, with my wife beside her, while my other two daughters quickly snatched up the two captain seats.

I was relegated to the back bench, sandwiched between my two sons, whose preoccupation with their video games kept them from worrying about the student driver up front.

I found myself, already cranky from the seating arrangement, doing a masterful job of backseat driving.

Most of what I was so called “observing” was inaccurate as I had only a very limited view of the dashboard.

I suspected speeding, missed turn indicators, and a failure to turn on the air conditioning.

I was wrong on all accounts!

I had to be told that I was not seeing the entire picture from my limited vantage point.

Judging others without getting all the facts first is a symptom of spiritual myopia and can drive a wedge between the accuser and the accused.

So, any other backseat drivers out there today who need an adjustment to their spiritual lenses?

Get that new prescription before you do more damage.

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