Monday, September 21, 2020

C-K is now smoke-free


Beginning today (September 1, 2014), a new by-law addressing smoking outdoors in Chatham-Kent parks, playgrounds, beaches and municipal facilities will come into effect.

“Smoke-Free Chatham-Kent By-law 137-2014” does not permit smoking anywhere on Municipal property, including but not limited to:

– Municipal property including 9m (30ft) from an entrance to a Municipal facility;

– Parks, playgrounds and playground equipment;

– Within 4m (13ft) of any Municipal bus stop;

– Beaches and boardwalks;

– Walkways;

– Sports fields and arenas.

When limiting smoking in public places you protect people from the dangers of secondhand smoke, create healthier and cleaner environments where kids play and are supportive of those trying to quit.

During the implementation stage over the next six months, Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit staff will be working with its partners in communicating what the by-law means to Chatham-Kent residents, Municipal property users including those operating and planning community special events, as well as updating our signage strategy.

In addition, the new by-law allows for local businesses and agencies to “opt-in” and allow their facility properties or entrances to be covered under this new local law upon their request.

Should residents have questions about “Smoke-Free Chatham-Kent”, or if you want your facility to “opt in” please visit: for more information.

Chatham-Kent Public Health is committed to the health of our residents and creating healthy environments that prevent tobacco use and supporting and assisting those looking to quit.


  1. you have gone smoke free what about the smoke barns I live near them and it affects my husband he has trouble with his breathing, so what is chatham kent going to do about that.

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