Monday, April 6, 2020

Leon Leclair – Ward 4, North Kent


“I am married to Colette, father of three and have never left Chatham-Kent.

I currently manage a large diverse ag business growing tomatoes, sugar beets, seed corn, beans, corn, and wheat.

Also to help complement better staff and equipment use, I run a custom plant, spray and harvest business and I am partners with the largest sugar beet harvest group in Ontario.

Presently my time is spent on various boards, co-founder of Bridge Committee, founding member of Chatham-Kent Ag Development Committee, chair of food hub committee, vice chair on ag committee with Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce and many more.

Seeking second term as there is much more to be accomplished with bridge committee and as chair of food hub my goal will be to aid in establishing new food ‘value added businesses.'”

* Biographies were submitted by all Ward 4 and Ward 5 candidates to the Wallaceburg and District Chamber of Commerce.

Here are all of Leon Leclair’s responses in our No Bull feature:

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