Thursday, July 16, 2020

Wallaceburg’s and Chatham’s boundaries will be examined

north kent ward 4 map

Chatham-Kent council will receive a report about possibly changing Wallaceburg’s boundaries.

They’ll also hear information about changing Chatham’s boundaries as well.

Council supported a notice of motion by Wallaceburg Coun. Carmen McGregor to look into expanding Wallaceburg’s boundaries to potentially include the urban fringe.

“I would like to look at it,” McGregor said. “Coun. Wesley and I spoke with a lot of people during the election that wanted this change. I don’t see this including areas with any rural attachment to it. I’m strictly looking at a report for the very urban fringe of Wallaceburg.”

South Kent Coun. Karen Herman entered a successful motion to include the urban fringe of Chatham in the report as well.

“It’s very important that all of us get the research and get the information,” Herman said.

Just two weeks ago a notice-of-motion by Chatham Coun. Derek Robertson was shot down – where $20,000 would have be spent on a consultant to examine the size of council and to adjust the ward boundaries.

McGregor requested in her motion to have staff bring back a report by September.

Watch for an updated story.

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