Thursday, May 28, 2020

Repel water, salt, mud with Krown

north kent krown

The crew at North Kent Krown are taking their expertise and experience gathered at Hank’s Auto Body in Dresden, and bringing it to Wallaceburg.

John Veenema, owner of the new Wallaceburg business, said they go through an effective process to protect and preserve vehicles.

“There is certain points on the vehicle that we require to drill small three inch holes,” he said. “Those holes are all greased before we plug them with a small 3″ flush plug cap. Then the product is applied in all the panels, rocker panels, doors, trunk lid, hood, fenders.”

Veenema said the product even travels into the A pillars and the B pillars of the vehicle.

“If a vehicle is sun roofed we always drill in the back of the panel so the roof even has an application. Then the vehicle is lifted up in the air and the product is applied inside all the sub frames and the floorboards of the vehicle and on top of the gas tank, in a lot of hidden places and crevices along the gas lines and brake lines on the undercarriage.”

Veenema added: “If it is applied properly it will repel water, salt , mud and so forth.”

For more information, Veenema said he recommends people visit their website at

“It even shows the desalting product that we use for clean up when we have to spray vehicles from the salty roads. Our website is very extensive. There is a lot of information.”

Veenema said the Krown application prices are across the board. For a car it is $119.95 + tax. For a four door pick up truck it’s $139.95+tax.

North Kent Krown is located at 740 Gillard St. and their grand opening is June 12.

Give them a call at 519-627-3777 or visit them online at

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