Sunday, September 24, 2023

Letter: Take the power back, Wallaceburg

wt laing

dufferin wallaceburg

The time is now!

No matter where you are… take back your power!

These are two pictures (above) I took during my recent time at home in Wallaceburg, Ontario.

The first picture is an empty lot of what once stood two schools I attended growing up.

Central Public was up to Grade 5 and W.T. Laing was grade 6, 7 and 8.

While Central was torn down years ago and W.T. Laing became the school for all the Grades. W.T. Laing was also the school all three of my children attended.

The second picture is a storefront where a restaurant called The Elm Wood was… a place where my friends and I sat many times. It has since been many other names but now it’s just an empty building – for rent!

So many stores empty and factories shut down because of big companies buying them only to close them and leave us with nothing.


Because they wanted to corner the market for more money.

The love of power are days gone by and if we want it back, we must replace it with the power of love!

I’m so sad, but also I now understand all things change. However, the old should evolve, not die.

We must take a stand in the winds of change.

We must not let others take away what is ours.

I truly believe Wallaceburg could be so much more if we all came together in unity and then raising our hands to those who have taken away our power and say to them… ‘no more!’

– Letter submitted by Annette Moreland


  1. If we want locally owned shops, restaurants and services to survive then we need to shop local and give them our business.

  2. I absolutely agree with everything and I really hope to see Wallaceburg succeed one day and I really hope to be part of that plan maybe one day as well I love this town has so much potential everybody in this town has fell apart most are on drugsmaybe you should start by taking the methadone clinic down they’re taking down all kinds of buildings to put up a bunch of methadone clinics yeah that’s really going to help the people take them off street drugs and get them addicted to government drugs

  3. it is not too late for Wallaceburg it is very old town with a lot of very old history there has been a lot of good things that have happened to you also some bad things but like this woman says we have to take back what is ours we don’t even have our proper hospital

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