Thursday, March 23, 2023

Successful teddy bear picnic held on Walpole Island


Teddy Bears and their owners began arriving promptly for a jam-packed hour long picnic held earlier this week at Bkejwanong First Nation Public Library.

Children’s entertainer Laurette Kendall led in song, a flannel board story of the Three Bears was presented by their summer student and the 30 children, ages 0-8, diligently worked on the Teddy Bear Picnic activity passports and a craft.

A delightful snack of blueberries and bear cookies satisfied the excited guests and the usual practice of sending smiling children off with a book of their choice to build home libraries, brought this picnic to a successful end.

It began as a project for the Library’s summer student, Waabigonii Altiman, to again breathe life into this traditional Library program.

“We wanted to create a meaningful work experience, one with transferrable skills,” said Linda Lou Classens.

“Our emphasis was to be creative, as we practice and promote family literacy.”

Anne Fournier, WIFN Public Librarian, agreed.

“Many of our library team worked and volunteered, ensuring this picnic was a success.”

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