Thursday, May 19, 2022

Not impressed that ‘everyone’s a winner’


From The Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

I have had the pleasure this year of coaching my youngest son’s soccer team.

I have really enjoyed it, except for one area: we are not allowed to keep score.

“Everyone’s a winner” I am told.

Nope, sorry, but that is not the case, and every single kid on my team knows it.

We got shellacked 9-0 one week and not one single player was spouting the “we’re all winners” mantra.

Honestly, I get the reason why we try to dumb down the dichotomy between winning and losing, as it is often a polarizing thing in the world of youth sports.

However, there is much benefit in learning to lose with grace and poise.

Playing sports mirrors daily living, in my estimation.

Some days you are firing on all cylinders and other days it just ‘ain’t happening!’

Life often isn’t fair, and if that is something that can be learned somewhat on the playing field, then I am all for it.

Acknowledge all participants but reward the winners and celebrate their achievement.

I have been a runner for over 35 years but I certainly have not won most of the races I have entered.

In fact, in Grade 9 I managed to finish dead last in every single 800m and 1500m track race that season.

My coach told me to let the sting of losing motivate me to work harder.

He even called out the name of my main rival during practice sessions when I felt like quitting.

Nowadays, I make sure to congratulate the winner of a race I have run and just be grateful that I was able to be a participant in the first place.

I also make it my aim to improve my time for the next time out.

Yes, losing has really been like winning for me because it has helped me to try harder but also to be gracious in defeat.


  1. Your right on Reverend Horrobin a player learns as much from losing as from winning. (maybe even more!!!)

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