Thursday, December 2, 2021

International film festival coming to Thamesville


Another International Film Festival is coming to Chatham-Kent.

This fall, Chatham-Kent will be hosting the second edition of CLIFF, The Christian Life International Film Festival, bringing in our region the world wide circuit of the international film festivals! Filmmakers from more than 80 countries submitted their productions to be screened right here, in our community.

Florin Marksteiner, the Festival Director says: “The main purpose of the Festival is to include Chatham-Kent on the film industry map, to boost the community economy and the touristy potential. Beside the economic and social impact, we hope to be able to bring powerful players in the film industry to use our local resources in their productions.”

CLIFF – The Christian Life International Film Festival is a festival that touches and teaches the audience, a festival that drives creators to produce clean meaningful films and brings people closer together. Combining several art mediums by having art display like on stage live painting done by inspirational painter Cindy De Haan, photography exhibition by Jennifer Marsh, sculpture gallery by Robbin Wenzonski, live entertainment with singer/songwriter Tina Pumfrey, the gospel group “The Five Guys” and singer/songwriter Kristin Nicholls, stand-up comedy with James Mac Neil of the Clean Comedy Circuit and on stage presentation by multiple award winning director/producer Matthew Marshall and completed by the hospitality of Thamesville, the festival is a complex event delivering a rich experience.

A fun component of the event is the fact that the audience gets to be the judge. Every guest will receive a judging sheet and we’ll have the chance to rate their favourites.

The Festival is a joint venture between Productionmark, local film production company from Thamesville, 12 Disciples, a group that moves the masses with their films and Thamesville United Church, an artistic hub in the region with a long tradition of bringing great events to the Chatham-Kent audience.

This edition the organizers are helping the fundraiser for the Thamesville Splashpad community project.

Mark your calendar: 26-27th of September in Thamesville, Ontario.

For tickets visit the festival website

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