Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Are the political winds blowing in a different direction?


By Glen Turner – Special to the Sydenham Current

It seems like the political winds in this country might just be blowing in a different direction this time around.

It’s funny… the Conservatives subject us to the longest campaign since the 1870’s, and the most expensive EVER, yet aren’t exactly getting kudos for that choice.

Despite the usual (unfortunately) Conservative attack ads, the Harperites are sitting 3rd in the polls, trailing even the Liberals.

Of course, those who trail in the polls always come out with a comment such as: ‘the only real poll is the one on voting day.’ Business as usual. But only partially true. Currently at only a 24% support level, versus 36% for Mulcair and the NDP, the Conservatives may be just a little bit worried.

After all, the Conservatives are now long gone provincially in Alberta, which now has an NDP government.

The same poll stated that 68% of respondents thought that Harper has been in the job too long.

Another poll says that 64% of respondents want a ‘change in government.’ It also stated that a minority government is likely.

The poll result that surprised me most was that the Conservative attack ad stating ‘He’s just not ready’ – when talking about Justin Trudeau – was actually was considered effective. This, even though Trudeau has spent eight years as an MP, and two years as party leader.


Harper was the MP for Calgary West for four years and sat for four years as the MP for Calgary Southwest.

Hmmm again…

Eight years in the Commons, just like Trudeau.

Great strategy, huh? Yes, if it works, and people buy into it.

Locally, I’m seeing a strong NDP push from the new candidate, Rex Isaac. And, finally, I can answer the oft-asked question with ‘Yes, there IS a Liberal candidate in this riding.’

Also, I’ve been surprised to see the number of Facebook posts put up by the Conservatives. Of course, attacking Trudeau and Mulcair, but also extolling the hard work of the local sitting MP, Bev Shipley. But – still mostly attack ads.

It seems that the advice to the Conservatives from the right wing in the United States has worked, to some extent. Same strategies, however offensive.

Mr. Harper might have to rely on someone else messing up in the Sept. 17th debate.

My guess is that the attack ads and vitriol from the Conservatives will get worse – perhaps THAT will make voters say: ‘Wait a minute – is it necessary to be even more like the USA in OUR politics?’

Photos from Facebook: Thomas Muclair, Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper.


  1. Prior to the election Shipley had $169,000 in the bank, the Liberals had $50,000 and the NDP had $11,000. So it’s not hard to understand why Shipley is relying heavily on Facebook. The local Conservative campaign is doing a lot of paid posts on Facebook, and created a very professional video extolling the virtues of Shipley as a hard working MP. I think they smell blood in the water, and are hoping Shipley can buck the anti-Harper sentiment and that rural Ontario sticks with the Conservatives.

  2. Well said, Rodney. I’m sure that the Facebook ads are effective, just as the attack ads have been shown to be……a few questions need to be asked of Mr. Shipley, though – 1) Have you ever voted against the Conservative party in the House? 2) Have you ever motioned a Private Members bill which might go against Conservative policy, in support of a local constituent? 3) Is it true that you also had an American “adviser” helping with your campaign in your early days in this riding? 4) Do you support the entire platform of your party, or are there things that make you worried?
    Maybe the upcoming all-candidates meeting can address these questions, among others. I think I’ll send them in to the organizers. 🙂

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