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Waiting game continues with BWF Parcels


The wait continues for many customers of Blue Water Ferry (BWF) Parcels in Sombra.

The Sydenham Current reported on Oct. 22 about items being hung up in the United States and a lack of communication from BWF staff. In the meantime, we have received a couple dozen emails, comments and messages from BWF customers, who are growing angry and frustrated.

A BWF Parcels complaint group has also been launched on Facebook.

Calls, e-mails and texts to BWF have yet to be returned.

However, Lowell Dalgety,the owner of BWF Parcels, told Blackburn News in Sarnia that United States Customs officials told him they couldn’t ship packages across the Blue Water Ferry in Sombra anymore.

Dalgety said they told him that the ferry was regulated to be a passenger ferry, and was not allowed to handle commercial shipments.

Also, the business was shut down for a couple of weeks, which created a backlog in customers, he said.

Dalgety told Blackburn News he hoped to have the backlog cleared by the end of this week.

BWF Parcels had a statement on their website, although it has since been removed: “Parcels are now being cleared through the bluewater bridge. You will receive an email when its brought in, Thank you for your patience. If you have a parcel delivered or have one going to be delivered, please email all receipts to import@bwfparcels.com”

Dan Marlatt said he is still looking for answers.

“I now have six packages that I cant get,” Marlatt said in an e-mail. “I have called, emailed (import@bwfparcels.com) numerous times and they won’t reply. The phone number now just is just for The Blue Water Ferry and not for BWF Parcels. I did leave some messages on the voicemail and was clear about being upset but was respectful.”

Marlatt said he planned on printing off his emails and invoices and taking them to the Ontario Provincial Police.

“I do understand they could be having trouble to get up and running with the new way of doing things, if they would get back to me and at least let me know the status of the situation would be very helpful. Some of the items are parts for my old pick-up to have work to be completed prior to the snow flying, not looking good at this point.”

Multiple customers have stated they have will be shifting their business over to Fisher Baker Corporation, a shipping and packing centre in Marine City.

We’ll provide more information when it becomes available.


  1. BWFparcel complaints site has many people complaining that when they pick up their package they are being charge enormous fees (supposedly that THEY paid to customs) but that there are NO INVOICES to show that they are paid. Please visit the site on Facebook. BWFparcel complaints.
    My USED iPad was delivered to the Blue Water Ferry Office on Oct. 13th, I think it was, still no email to pick it up!

  2. UPS tracking has my package received at Marine City on Nov. 9 AFTER I had emailed BWF Parcels and was assured it was OK to ship to them as they figured “they would have the backlog cleared by the end of the week”
    No way of contacting them now it seems, phone does not work, E-mails go unanswered ……..this is beginning to smell bad

  3. December 07, 2015

    Anyone that has recently picked up a parcel or received an e-mail from BWF Parcels can you forward any hints to waiting people?

    Christmas is just around the corner and going to be some very sad children!!!!



  4. January 13th 2016 and still no sign of my 4 parcels dating back to October 9 2015.!
    Has anybody organised a group to help this companies customers?

    • Hi,
      I find myself in the same predicament as everyone else. My parcel had been delivered to Marine City Dec.26 and all I get is a runaround. They will not answer any questions as to where I might go to pick it up, no phone number, in short no cooperation whatsoever. If anyone has a suggestion as to whom we could contact for help I would be grateful. This is a poor way to operate a business. The email I received that said everything was working fine is so pathetic. I believed it. We were suckered in plain words.

  5. Yesterday Feb3rd I received an email from BWF Parcels stating that I had a parcel ready for pick up. This parcel was delivered to them on October 7, 2015 so they have had it for almost 4 months. When I picked it up I questioned about them waving their fee after such a delay but I was told that his boss would not allow that. By the way they are now charging HST on their handling fee of $5.00 making it $5.65 with no receipt. After that I made sure that they knew that it would be the last time that they would ever get any business from me AND for anybody reading this I suggest you also avoid doing business with them. If you need a US mailing address I recommend FB Packaging in Marine City or any place by BWF. I have never experienced a business that is this unreliable and with this much lack of and total disregard for customer service.

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