Tuesday, January 26, 2021

P.A.W.R – Ruby and her puppies need your help!

12345417_567749666712409_6898848525485197772_nRuby was being taken care of by a lovely older man but she ended up pregnant and he realized he couldn’t give her the comfort she needed so Pet and Wildlife Rescue was contacted.

Ruby was to come to them 2 nights ago but they were unable to load her in the car as she was too scared and was growling from fear.

P.A.W.R volunteers arrived the next day and witness a dog hiding behind her owner, shaking, head down and clearly uncomfortable. It only took minutes to put her at ease and the little trust she was put in a vehicle and taken her to her foster home.

Ruby is ready to give birth any minute and they are getting ready with supplies and funds to cover the upcoming cost of vetting everyone.

This is Pet and Wildlife Rescue’s third litter this month and they can use all the help you can give! It is the first time they have so many puppies in such a short amount of time and they are doing as many fundraisers as they can to give them the best care possible.

All funds collected here will go directly to supplies, food and vetting for Ruby and her very soon to arrive puppies.

To donate please got o out website at:


Or contact us by phone at (519) 683-6778

“Thank you for being part of saving lives with us, without the support of our community this simply wouldn’t be possible” – Pet and Wildlife Rescue

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