Thursday, December 2, 2021

Variety of Mother’s Day options at Tom and Al’s


From paintings to small appliances, Tom and Al’s in Wallaceburg has an assortment of options for Mom this Mother’s Day.

Shawn Moore, manager at Tom and Al’s, says they have a rotating selection of paintings for seasonal and different tastes.

“We all take turns ordering pictures each around here, so everybody has a different taste involved and we tend to have a little bit for everybody,” he said.

“We don’t just have one buying buying what he likes. We all takes turn doing it.”

Moore added: “Same with the lamp selection. If you can’t find something in the catalogue, then there is a problem. Floor maps, nightstands, end tables, living room lamps. We have got small to large wall hangings. Chairs, reclining chairs and stationary chairs. Small frames. If Mom wants one of her own in the corner… i know for a fact that Mom gets the chair more often.”

Shawn said Tom and Al’s has a selection of small appliances “to make your life easier in the kitchen.

“Toaster ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. We carry tempurpedic pillows along with other branded pillows also. New fitted sheets. If she is looking at a new dining set we have all kinds of new styles that can be purchased in different colours. We have a new company that you can customize your own dining set,” Shawn said.

They have some products that are built in Quebec.

“A nice Canadian product,” Shawn said.

“All kinds of options from your chair colours to your tabletop to the metal on the base of the chairs and the table. Not only to they do dinning they do beds too. Headboards, foot boards and rails. The same options are available that they use in the dining.”

“Tea kettles, panini press all Frigidaire products. We take care of the warranties here. We do everything we can to make Mom’s life easier. Central vacuum systems. If she is tired of lugging the vacuum around the house.”

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