Thursday, December 2, 2021

Full ‘Golder’ report obtained


A “compelling multi-disciplinary report” which led to the cancellation of a tribunal focused on the impact wind turbines have on well water in North Kent, is now available to be viewed.


The Sydenham Current has obtained a copy of the full report, and it can be seen here.

“Based on the analysis and conclusions presented in this report we can conclude to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that the construction and operation of the turbines at the planned setback distances will not cause harm to ground water quality either at the wells or in the broader subsurface groundwater environment as alleged in the notice of appeal,” the ‘Golder Associates report’ states.

The Water Wells First group is holding a public meeting tonight at the Country View Golf Course at 7 p.m.

“We welcome members of the community and the press to attend a Water Wells First public meeting to hear Kevin Jakubec explain the decision to exit the tribunal proceedings,” group officials said.

The group says the “tribunal exit” is set to be explained.

Following the cancellation of the tribunal between Jakubec and North Kent Wind 1, the Municipality said the Golder report could not be ignored.

“We reviewed the expert reports by both the appellant and the company,” stated John Norton, chief legal officer for Chatham-Kent. “One particular report, prepared by Golder Associates in September 2016, is a compelling multi-disciplinary report that cannot be ignored.”

The Golder Associates report indicates that ground-vibrations generated during construction and subsequent turbine operation on well water conditions is likely to be insignificant and will not influence the rate of radon within the groundwater.

The report further indicates that there is no plausible mechanism by which fine rock particles, and their radionuclide constituents (if present) can be transported tens or hundreds of metres from turbine foundation pile locations to water supply wells.

“Chatham-Kent council declared that we are willing hosts to the North Kent wind project but only if it does not affect the health of our people,” stated Mayor Randy Hope.

“We insisted on evidence. Now that we have the evidence, we are satisfied that this appeal has been withdrawn.”

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