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Morning Coffee – By Aaron Hall

Dresden is set to host a pilot project, as the Municipality inspects the sewer system in the North Kent community.

Chatham-Kent staff is recommending that the $331,296.79 project be awarded to Baird AE, and council will vote on this recommendation at tonight’s regular meeting.

Staff says complaints received, age of the sewer, and work order and maintenance history are some of the factors considered, when Chatham-Kent determines which seweer projects are completed.

“Typically, there is no condition information on the sewer, and inspections are done once the sewer is identified,” said Adam Sullo, director of engineering in a report.

“This is a reactive approach and often means that the sewers in the area are already experiencing operational issues and may have deteriorated past the point of rehabilitation, possibly causing sewer backup for the properties which discharge into the sewer. Complications in our sanitary, storm and combined sewers are increasing due to infrastructure age and increased storm intensities.”

Sullo said engineering is proposing a more proactive asset management approach with a sewer flushing and inspection program.

“Regular sewer flushing can help reduce the buildup of calcite and debris within the sewer, maintaining the sewer capacity, which in turn helps reduce the risk of sewer backup,” Sullo said.

“Through a regular inspection cycle, we can determine the condition of the sewers and allocate lifecycle funds based on actual need. Data received through the inspection program will be stored in the Municipality’s GIS database, which can then be used for reporting purposes and can assist in determining problem areas.”

Sullo said the main objective of this project is to determine the condition grade of each sewer length and maintenance hole within the community of Dresden so that a sewer maintenance program can be developed.

“This project in Dresden will serve as a pilot project for the remainder of the Municipality to ensure that the inspections and data transfer runs smoothly,” he said in a report. “We intend to complete inspections on the remainder of Chatham-Kent over the next year.”

Monday’s meeting starts at 6 p.m., have a look at the complete agenda here.

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The Bluewater Ferry crossing the St. Clair River between Sombra and Marine City, Michigan (Bluewater Ferry Ltd., Facebook)

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Weather forecast for Monday, November 7, 2016

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