Discreditable conduct costing veteran officer his job


A veteran Chatham-Kent police officer will be dismissed from his job, after pleading guilty to 50 charges of discreditable conduct on Tuesday during a Police Services Act Hearing in Chatham.

Police officials say in 2014, Sergeant Robert Mugridge, was charged under the Police Services Act with Discreditable Conduct.

The charge was as a result of an investigation which was initially conducted by the Professional Standards Section of the Chatham-Kent Police, and subsequently handed over to the London Police Service at the request of the Chatham-Kent Chief of Police Dennis Poole.

The investigations surround the conduct of the involved officer into how financial loans and other monies were obtained from financial institutions, members of the public and members of the Chatham-Kent Police Service.

Mugridge was charged with 50 counts of Discreditable Conduct, 1 count of Deceit, 1 count of Corrupt Practice under Police Services Act Code of Conduct.

He also faces over 50 criminal charges of fraud, which is still before the court.

Reports say Mugridge pleaded guilty to all 50 charges on Tuesday and a joint submission from the defense and prosecution was submitted, calling for the 29-year veteran officers dismissal from the Police Service.

Mugridge continues to be suspended from duty with pay.

He is expected to be dismissed later this year, reports say.


  1. I support the Police Board on their decision with this exception, he is suspended from duty with pay. Since he is found guilty why is his dismissal not immediate? And what about collecting pay until he is dismissed? I support and will continue to stand along my local and Provincial police but this is where an issue arises, if he worked in the business, banking, retail atmosphere dismissal would be immediately and if someone wants to dispute the decision it is at their own expense to seek legal help. All suspects Innocent until Proven Guilty by a Court of Law.

  2. Why is this disgraceful piece of garbage still getting paid after he has plead guilty. This money belongs to everyone in Ontario.
    Wynne where are you? Don’t you see where you can cut some expenses…This would be a good cause and he should have to pay back every single dime of all the money he has received since the beginning of this hypocrisy.

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