Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Missing Cat – Dresden

Message for the owener:

• Tubby – 7 years old
• Grey (w/ small white chest patch) (this can be seen in his picture!)
• One ear is tipped (top of the tip of the ear is cut and flat) (this can be seen in his picture!)
other is pointed as normal)
• Neutered (as of 2014), fully vaccinated and dewormed as
of September 18th, 2018
• He is Microchipped!

Tubby was moved on September 18th from the Rufus/Isaac/D.D./Dominion/Richmond area of Dresden to the St. John/St. George/Metcalfe/Lindsley area of Dresden.

He was taken to the vet, brought home, and has been missing since that night. He was very scared from the move and had been hiding prior to the appointment, and after as well. I had reason to believe that he was still in the house, but there is now concern that he has gotten outside.

He is used to being outside, he was however being transitioned to fully indoors (hence the move).

He is very friendly and I would encourage anyone who sees him to approach him and immediately contact me, there is a chance he may be skittish, as he was scared from the move.

Please message me here or call me at (519) 355-6506 if you see him, or know where he may be. Thank you!

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