Monday, March 30, 2020

Boutilier shines in Nashville

From left: Randy Thomas, Hayley Vervall, the Hunter sisters, Granville Boutilier, and Chris Mabb (Submitted photo)

Wallaceburg singer Granville Boutilier brought home some hardware after a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee.

Boutilier said a group of local singers took part in a week-long competition in various locations around Nashville, which included over 700 competitors. 

The competition ran from Monday to Saturday, starting at 8 a.m. and running until 8:30 to 9 p.m. each night.

“On Sunday we did the awards banquet… it was amazing,” Boutilier said.

“I was fortunate enough to win the Male International Entertainer for 50 and over and International Male Vocalist of the Year, so I got a couple of trophies. I got some leads to some good songs from some song writers and I got an opportunity to get back down and do some recording.”

Boutilier said he performed ‘Hard Workin’ Man’ and Boot Scootin’ Boogie’ by Brooks and Dunn and ‘When Did You Stop Loving Me’ by George Straight.

“We just had a really good time,” he said.

“It was awesome. We kicked it out.”

Boutilier said the Canadian contingent at the competition was strong, with participants from Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Boutilier said Mitchell resident Don McLean, also know as ‘The Chicken Man’, participated in the event as well.

“His song ‘High Five’ won International Country Music Gospel Song of the Year,” Boutilier said about McLean, who frequents singing competitions annually at the CBD Club in Wallaceburg.

“He was just rockin’ it. The last time I talked to him he was heading to Louisiana. He was meeting some more song writers and he was meeting some promoters while he is down there. So he is living the dream right now. He is a lucky guy.”

Boutilier said he is working on a few more tunes before heading back down to Nashville.

“I have got some songs sent to me,” he said.

“I have got roughly around six songs right now and I am trying to get something that I really like before I go back down. I have been sponsored by some folks that are willing to pay for my trip down and my accommodations for a week to do some recording, so it will probably be a couple of months before I actually get to do that.”

Boutilier added: “When I do, I just want to make sure it is the right song. I just don’t want to go record. I want to make sure that it is good and that it works for everybody. Especially me.”

Here are some submitted photos from the competition:

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