Reading winners at A.A. Wright Public School

(Submitted photo)

The Sue Talach Memorial Book Fund Committee handed out some awards this week at A.A. Wright Public School in Wallaceburg.

Jennifer Goodal, principal at the school, said they held their annual reading awards ceremony on Wednesday.

“Each year every teacher chooses a student from his or her class that loves books and reading,” Goodal said.

“Each division decides on an overall winner. This year the children were given books and the overall winners received a silver coin as well.”

Goodal said this event celebrates the students of A.A. Wright and emphasizes the importance of reading.

“It is a great way to honour Sue Talach and how much seeing kids loving to read meant to her,” she said.

“We are extremely grateful for the generosity of Broni Talach and the other members of the committee. Their assistance helps us to purchase books for our library collection and bring in guest presenters.”

In the photo: Dale Tellier, Kindergarten overall winner, Alex Vermette, Primary overall winner, Pheonix Kemp, Junior overall winner, Broni and Lindsay Talach, Nancy Stewart and Sharon Smith.

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