Sunday, July 5, 2020

Drone spotted near CKHA helipad

(Chatham-Kent Police Service)

Hospital and police officials in Chatham-Kent have issued a reminder on how to fly your drone safely and legally, after an incident on Wednesday, July 3.

Chatham-Kent Police Service officials allege yesterday morning around 7 a.m. police received information that a drone was flying over the helipad at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance site in Chatham.

Officers attended the area, but failed to locate the drone or its operator.

Constable Jason Herder, a drone operator for the Chatham-Kent Police Service, said regulations surrounding the legal and safe operations of drones in Canada prohibit the use of drones closer than 5.6km from any place that aircraft takeoff and land.

“In the case of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, which is for helicopters only, this radius is reduced to 1.9km,” Herder said in a media release.

“Drone safety starts with the operators of these devices, please take the time to read and understand the drone legislation and the rules and regulations that come with the privilege of operating this technology.”

Dave Gadoury, manager of security and emergency preparedness at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, said drone activity near the CKHA helipad can be an incredible danger to patients and families.

“The ORNGE flight crew are in and out of CKHA flying critical patients to receive care at other hospitals and a drone could impact the safety and emergent needs of the patient,” Gadoury said in a media release.

“We ask the public to be aware and respectful and please do not fly drones in this area.”

For more information about flying your drone safely and legally, click here.

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