Thursday, June 4, 2020

Chatham-Kent Council: September 9, 2019 recap

(John F Tomecek)

Chatham-Kent Council met for a regular meeting on Monday night, September 9, 2019.

A link to the full agenda can be seen, here

Here is a recap of the meeting:

– Council approved a road closing in Wallaceburg – Property Identification Number 00567 0069 and 00567 0067, a portion of Dufferin Avenue.

– A total of seven people provided deputations to Council.

– Council received committee reports from the Drainage Board and the Committee of Adjustment.

– West Kent Councillor Mark Authier entered the following notice of motion: Re: Wheatley Fish Fry – I, Councillor Authier hereby provide notice that I will bring forward the following motion at the September 23, 2019 Council Meeting for discussion and voting: That the Wheatley Fish Festival receive the $2,500 that they tried to apply for and had a problem applying and it never came to Amy Wilcox. They did call Amy before and after the date.

– Council approved tender award contracts for: Pavey Line over Little Bear Creek Drain Culvert Replacement in the Community of Camden and Contract T19-318 – Gillier – Blind Fourth Line over Hartwick Drain Culvert Replacement in the Community of Harwich.

– Council approved exempting the property taxes for the Chatham-Kent Animal Shelter.

– Council received a presentation on ‘Planning for Growth’ by John Norton, General Manager Community Development, Bruce McAllister, Director Planning Services and Stuart McFadden, Director of Economic Development.

– A motion by Councillor Mark Authier re: Amendment to Zoning By-law 216-2009 was withdrawn.

– Council approved a report on Municipal Capital Facilities By-law for Affordable Housing Project 534 St. Clair Street in Chatham.

– A report on Community Partnership Fund Grant Program Revisions was approved as amended to include “a policy be developed clearly defining details on the plus/minus 10,000 people at an event over the number of days of the event.” Watch for more on this story.

– A report on the Community Partnership Fund – Event Funding Requests was approved. Watch for more on this story.

– A motion by Mayor Darrin Canniff re: Rental Fees for Community Asset Donors was approved as amended, to include “that the report include the anticipated costs to introduce a not for profit rate for CK parks, recreation, arts and culture facilities.”

– A motion by Councillor Karen Kirkwood-Whyte re: Provincial Funding Cuts to Legal Aid Ontario was approved.

– A report on the Graphic Emporium – Graphic Production Vendor Services was approved.

– A report on Banner Pole Agreement – Catherine Street Municipal Parking Lot in Blenheim was approved.

– A report about On-Street Parking Removal for Bike Lanes – McNaughton Avenue West in Chatham was approved

– Council approved the following motion about the McDougall Line Bridge over Government Drain #1 in Tilbury East: “That administration move forward with the replacement of the McDougall Line Bridge.”

– Council approved Staff Appointment By-laws – Treasurer, Deputy Clerk.

– A motion by Councillor Mark Authier re: Bed and Breakfast By-law Review was referred to the next meeting.

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