Saturday, August 15, 2020

‘Monarch Ultra’ run coming through Dresden & Wallaceburg

The Monarch Ultra relay is set to pass through Chatham-Kent on Sunday and Monday.

Carl Wright, an ultrarunner from north of Barrie, said the relay run is passing by Dresden on Sunday, September 22 and continuing on by Wallaceburg on September 23.

Wright said the relay is a 4,300 kilometer relay that started in Peterborough, Ontario on September 19 and ends 47 days later in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Central Mexico.

“While covering the entire distance of the incredible migration of the monarch butterfly,” Wright said.

“This Monarch Ultra is a celebration of two types of super heroes: monarch butterflies and ultrarunners. Both cover long distances using their incredible body strength to arrive at a new and unknown destination. The Monarch Ultra is also a documentary film project, with a goal of connecting communities across North America with common goals of Earth stewardship and biodiversity conservation.”

wright said his 107 km relay section will be passing through north of London and on through Middlesex County on September 22, ending just northwest of Dresden.

“A different runner will be continuing on Monday, Sept. 23 through (the) Wallaceburg area and on towards and across the U.S. border,” Wright said.

Wright said there will be either one or two runners, as well as a support vehicle, as they pass through Chatham-Kent.

“We really want to connect communities right across the 4,300 kilometers,” he added.

“A run of this magnitude that traverses three countries has never been attempted before. The mapping and logistics is staggering. I am very honoured to be a part of it.”

For more information on The Monarch Ultra, their website is:

The route for Wright’s stage can be found on this map.

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