Saturday, April 10, 2021

‘Community Hub’ being proposed for Wallaceburg

(John F Tomecek, Facebook)

A Wallaceburg Councillor is hoping to explore the possibility of creating a “Community Hub” in Wallaceburg.

Councillor Aaron Hall entered a notice of motion at the Monday, November 4, Council meeting held in Chatham. Hall’s motion is asking administration to investigate and provide options to Council about building a new facility in Wallaceburg, or retrofitting an existing building within the community.

“Multiple community groups and organizations in Wallaceburg have expressed an interest and need for a new space and location in order to fully maximize their goals,” Hall said in his motion.

“These groups focus on a wide spectrum within the community, including: arts, music, seniors and inclusiveness.”

Hall added one of Council’s strategic priorities is to look at the current facility asset inventory.

“And consider alternative and better uses for these facilities,” Hall said in his motion.

“The use of public/private partnerships and other partnerships with community groups are ways to move the community forward in a fiscally responsible way.”

Hall said, if the motion receives Council approval, consultation with interested community groups, businesses and organizations would take place and be incorporated into a staff report, which he is requesting to be back to Council by April of 2020.

The motion is set to be on the agenda for the November 18 Council meeting, where it will be up for discussion and voting.

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