Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Targeting scrap metal thefts

Chatham-Kent Police Service officials say in an effort to reduce property crimes involving the theft of scrap metals including copper wiring, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent recently amended its Salvage Yard by-law.

“People selling scrap metal are required to provide identification at the point of sale,” police officials said in a press release.

“Salvage yards must now photograph all items and may not alter, transport or sell them for at least three days.”

Police officials added: “These changes are intended to cause potential thieves to think twice before bringing these items to local salvage yards and also increases the chances of police being able to identify and recover these metals before they are moved along.”

Police officials added although this may not stop people from stealing these types of metals, “it does make it more difficult for thieves to turn the metals into quick cash and makes everyone involved more accountable for their actions.”

To read the recent report to Council, which was approved, click here

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