Sunday, July 5, 2020

CKHA Recognizes Service to Hospital

Nearly 300 long-service employees, volunteers, physicians and retirees will be honoured at this year’s Recognition Banquet hosted by Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA).

Deborah Ancocik will be recognized for a remarkable 50 years of service. Mary Jean Horne, Donna Parry and Cathy Pollock will be recognized for 45 years of service. Judith Christner, Sandy Countryman, Gail Dodman, Kim Fraleigh, Jacqueline Jefferson, Sindy McNeil, Judy Minnie, Betty Pilon and Tammy Simpson will be recognized for 40 years of service. Sixteen employees will receive 35-year recognition: Janice Antuma-Childs, Joanne Britton, Cheryl Brooks, Dr. Wayne Carr, Krystyna Decola, Lisa Ellis, Julia Jarecsni, Doug McLeod, Lory Meloche, Lisa Merritt, Marianne Murphy, Julie O’Rourke, Debbie Pepper, Adele Richmond, Rhonda Rose and Scott Thomas.

Guests of honour also include 105 five year, 42 ten year, 10 fifteen year, 25 twenty year, 13 twenty-five year and 24 thirty year award recipients.

In addition, CKHA will pay tribute to fifty retirees:

Deborah Ancocik
Deb Eldridge
Yvette Louzon
Cheryl Phipps
Lynne Ball
Kathy Eldridge
Lynn Ludolph
Sue Piacek
Sharron Blackburn
Barb Gourlay
Barb MacKay
Jerome Quenneville
Kelly Bogaert
Amy Griffin
Carol Maier
Pam Rankin
Marion Browning
Jane Haskell
Barb Mallette
Rhonda Rose
Kathy Bull-Harwood
Tina Henry
Dr. Robert Mayo
Cheryl Simpson
Denise Cadotte
Larry Hutchins
Janice McFadden
Sherri Skipper
Marie Carroll
Joanna Hyatt
Judy Minnie
Cheryl Smith
Denise Corneil
Ann Labadie
Donna Neefs
Hertha Steele
Sandy Countryman
Harold Labadie
Susan Nickel
Joanne VanDamme
Krystyna Decola
Tracy Lachine
Nancy Paling
Donna Vollans
Annette Devito
Jean Landry
Dr. Park Parry
Julia Doyle
Claudette Lenover
Virginia Pettipiece

“CKHA’s annual Recognition Banquet provides a wonderful opportunity to thank our valued staff, volunteers and physicians for their ongoing commitment to health care in Chatham and Rural Kent,” said Lisa Northcott, Vice President, People and Chief Nursing Executive, CKHA. “Whether our staff are celebrating five years with CKHA or their retirement, we are proud and appreciative of their commitment to providing safe, quality Patient and Family Centred Care to our patients, families and community.”

The Annual Alliance Awards of Excellence as well as the Compassionate Caregiver Award of Distinction will also be presented during the Recognition Banquet. The Alliance Awards of Excellence are performance-based and peer-nominated awards recognizing those who exemplify excellence in our health care environment. This year’s celebration will present four Awards of Excellence including the Mission Award, Vision Award, Values Award and Team Award. The Compassionate Caregiver Award is presented to a staff member or team who exemplifies Patient and Family Centred Care and works to advance quality of care while remaining compassionate and respectful.

The annual recognition event will be held on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at Club Lentinas in Chatham. Following the event, CKHA will share the award recipients in a news release.

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