Sunday, July 5, 2020

7th Annual “Tomorrow’s Greener Schools, Today”

This year, eleven schools across Chatham-Kent took part in the 7th Annual “Tomorrow’s Greener Schools, Today” program lead in partnership between CK Public Health and the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority.

Approximately 224 students learned the important role trees play when it comes to providing shade and filtering air pollution. The students were also able to benefit from the hands-on experience of physically planting the 126 trees, after receiving education on proper tree care and maintenance to ensure successful growth.

10 different species of Native Carolinian Trees were specifically chosen for the program.

“It is important for us to retain our Natural Heritage and Biodiversity” claims LTVCA’s Environmental Project Coordinator, Greg Van Every. “The relationships between the native species and the climate we live in thrive on this balanced ecosystyem. Non-native species are a threat to this system and can upset that balance.”

CK Public Health’s, Sandy Kalabalikis is hopeful that the recent council motion regarding planting 1 million trees in Chatham-Kent within four years will help expand the program, with even more schools wanting to jump on board.

“It’s a wonderful program, every way you look at it” stated Kalabalikis. “It’s great for the environment, it’s a real learning experience for the staff and students that take part, and it’s an initiative that has real lasting power. It’s a program for the future.”

For video of presentation at a local Chatham-Kent school:

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