Saturday, February 27, 2021

Lacrosse stick fundraiser nets over $1,800 for Dylan Wilbur

Leave Your Mark Lacrosse has raised over $1,800 for a local family.

Jamie Knight, owner of the business, said they raised $1,830 for the Wilbur family with their traditional lacrosse stick raffle.

“I’m just glad I could help a family out at a time they need it,” Knight told the Sydenham Current.

“That’s what this community has always been about.”

Knight told the Sydenham Current back in November that Brent and Jess Wilbur’s baby boy Dylan has had a “pretty rough go” dealing with a brain tumour.

Jess Wilbur said back in November that it had been fairly quiet until they received the results from her son’s latest MRI.

“His main tumor is still growing sadly,” Jess said.

“The doctors have decided to start another medication, along with the oral one he gets at home, as they feel quite confident this will be successful (in stopping the tumor from growing.) These types of tumors are not only very rare, but very aggressive and sometimes don’t react the way we want to the medication.”

Jess said her son has still been in his usual good spirits for the most part.

“This little one is a fighter and I have no doubt in my mind he will tackle this next little hiccup,” she said.

“Please continue to pray for him and that this new combination of medications works for years and years to come.”

Knight told the Sydenham Current back in November that Leave Your Mark Lacrosse is organizing a ‘Day for Dylan’, but in the meantime wanted to raise some funds for the Wilbur’s.

Knight said he contacted Evan Cree, at Traditional Lacrosse, who donated the lacrosse stick for the fundraiser.

Tracy Durston ended up winning the raffle, which was drawn on January 4, 2020.

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