Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Chatham-Kent Council: January 13, 2020 recap

Chatham-Kent Council met for a regular/planning meeting on Monday night, January 13, 2020.

A link to the full agenda can be seen, here

Here is a recap of the meeting:

– Council voted down recommendations in a report on Civic Centre Renovations. Watch for more on this story.

– A motion by Wallaceburg Councillor Aaron Hall re: Harm Reduction – Improvements to the Need-Syringe Program was approved.

– South Kent Councillor Trevor Thompson entered a notice of motion about Chatham-Kent supporting the work done by Conservation Authorities across the province.

– South Kent Councillor Anthony Ceccacci entered a notice of motion to have Chatham-Kent write to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, requesting a resolution to the Blenheim Business Park issue.

– Chatham Councillor Marjorie Crew entered a notice of motion to improve the efficiency and time to respond to public service requests.

– West Kent Councillor Mark Authier entered a notice of motion for staff to research a notifying system for urgent updates and emergencies.

– Three planning reports, one in South Kent and two in Chatham, were approved.

– A report on the Tile Drainage Load Debenture By-law and Inspection was approved.

– Information reports were received on the following: Code of Conduct – Gifts and Benefits, Financial Indicator Review, Chatham-Kent Immigration Initiatives Update, Chatham-Kent Renovates Pilot Program, Community Navigators – Update, Environmental Site Assessment, Perimeter Testing of the Idle Industrial Lands, Emergency Purchase – Sanitary Sewer Repair – Mill St. W., Tilbury, Municipal Sandbag Program Infrastructure and Engineering Services – Service Backlog Analysis.

– Committee reports were received, including: Audit Committee minutes from its meeting held on December 3, 2019, Board of Health Minutes from its meeting held on November 13, 2019.

– Recommendations for a tender award contract for Chatham-Kent Housing Assets Janitorial Services was approved.

– A presentation by Matt Torrance, Director Financial Services, about the 2019 BMA Municipal Study was received by Council.

– A report on the October 2019 Budget Variance Forecast was sent back to staff to be dealt with during budget.

– A report on the 2019 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards Nominations was approved.

– A report on 2020 Tourism Initiatives – Request from Reserve was approved.

– A report on the Great Lakes Gymnastics Centre – Vendor Services was approved.

– A report and recommendations for the 2020 Capital Budget was sent back to staff to be dealt with during budget.

– A report from Public Works – Downtown Service Level Standardization was approved.

– A report on Stevenson Road and Goodreau Line Intersection Traffic Control Modifications was approved.

– A report on Railway Crossing Revers Transfer – Keil Drive, City of Chatham was approved.

– A motion by East Kent Councillor John Wright re: Crosswalk in Ridgetown was sent to staff to be dealt with during budget.

– A report and recommendations on the Cannabis Host Communities Network was approved.

– Council met in closed session to hear advice that was subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose with regard to 508 Richmond Street, Chatham and environmental testing on municipally owned lands that form the perimeter of 508 Richmond Street and 325 Keil Drive South in Chatham.

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