Monday, March 1, 2021

11 COVID-19 cases confirmed at Greenhill Produce in Kent Bridge

A total of 11 positive COVID-19 cases have been confirmed at Greenhill Produce.

The Kent Bridge company, who farms 125 acres of greenhouse production and produces red, yellow and orange bell peppers, released a statement about the situation on Sunday, April 26, 2020.

“There is nothing more important to Greenhill Produce than the health and safety of our workforce and our local community,” company officials stated.

“As of today’s date, we have 11 confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst our workforce, who are currently experiencing mild symptoms. We are working closely with CK Public Health to manage this issue and we have informed the Municipality of Chatham-Kent who has offered their assistance and support.”

Greenhill Produce officials said contact tracing has been completed for all of these individuals, and all 250 members of their workforce have been tested for COVID-19.

“We have had three negative tests returned and we expect to have the remaining results by mid-week,” company officials said in a press release.

“The affected employees are members of our migrant workforce and all have been living in Chatham-Kent for at least four months and up to 18 months. We currently have 113 migrant workers living here, from Jamaica, Mexico and Guatemala.”

Company officials said 15 migrant workers recently arrived at Greenhill Produce and were placed in isolation as per federal requirements.

“None has had contact with the affected employees or any other employees during their isolation,” Greenhill officials said.

“We have contacted consular officials of the home countries of our migrant workers to advise them of the situation.”

Greenhill officials said the affected employees live in two of seven residences.

“They have been isolated as per public health guidelines and instruction,” company officials say.

“There were six cases of COVID-19 confirmed in our workforce April 22. All six were from Guatemala and have been Chatham-Kent residents for 18 months. The remainder of the positive cases have been confirmed since that time.”

Greenhill officials say they are supporting all of their employees.

“We will continue to coordinate with local health authorities to ensure all recommended procedures are followed,” company officials say.

“Containment of the virus and the recovery of our staff are our top priorities.”

As part of the food supply chain, Greenhill Produce remains committed to
continuing operations in a safe, responsible and effective manner, company officials say.

“We are proud to be able to help supply food to our local community and beyond during this time, and while this situation poses challenges, we are implementing substantial measures to continue to be able to do so safely.”

Company officials added: “We wish to thank CK Public Health and the municipality of Chatham-Kent for their assistance and support. We also wish to thank our staff. We are so appreciative of their efforts as we work together to adapt and overcome during this global issue.”

For more information about Greenhill Produce, visit them online, here.

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