Saturday, January 22, 2022

Social media challenge network & support group launched

Sherri DeWolf, owner and consultant for Deeply Creative, has launched a “30-Day
Social Media Challenge Network” and she has also started a Facebook group to support Chatham-Kent businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“Whether new to posting, or just looking for a more guided/strategic social approach to posting to your page, (with the 30-day social media challenge network) you’ll dive deeper into connecting with your audience through engaging and interactive content suggestions, sample posts, resources and more,” DeWolf told the Sydenham Current.

DeWolf said this private network is geared to help small businesses and individuals
who may not be in a position to hire or consult with a social media manager, such
as herself, but who understand the value in a consistent social media presence,
especially as we navigate through a time where all eyes are on social media and
many businesses have been forced to communicate through these platforms.

DeWolf also created a new public Facebook group to assist businesses in Chatham-
Kent in communicating their new strategies through these changing times, with the
intention of supporting and shopping local.

“The Supporting Chatham-Kent Businesses During COVID-19 & Beyond” group
welcomes all CK business owners and residents,” DeWolf said.

“CK businesses can post their specials and how they are changing with the times or any new announcements, etc. CK residents are encouraged to share and praise their excellent/heart-warming experiences as businesses navigate through these times.”

Dana Haggith caught up with DeWolf for an interview. Listen, below:

Here are some links to the various Deeply Creative initiatives:

Deeply Creative 30-Day Social Media Challenge Network 

Supporting Chatham-Kent Businesses During COVID-19 & Beyond 

Deeply Creative Website

– You can also reach DeWolf through email at or by phone at 519-350-2952

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