Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Ballistic Fitness in Wallaceburg Celebrates 10th anniversary!

Ballistic Fitness’ first 10 years in business has been nothing short of amazing thanks to the great community and surrounding community of CK. They provide fitness and health expertise to members of many backgrounds. They guide members through their health and fitness journey by having a big impact on their clients physical, mental and emotional well being. One way they do this is by improving grandparents, parents and people of all ages quality of life for their families.
Kids Classes are also offered and filled with athletic challenges and fun exercises that all kids love and each class is sure to end with endless smiles. Great success has been achieved with multiple athletes reaching fitness goals, whether it is by making various sports teams, achieving scholarships or general improvement on athletic performance.
Lots of various training is offered including strength and conditioning training, as well as prehab and rehab to keep clients bodies feeling top notch and getting them back from injury. They have been able to give back to the community through various team or individual sponsorship, food drives, or community events.
The first 10 years in business have been very rewarding and Rod and Joanna look forward to many many more years serving this amazing community. They are located at 1430 Dufferin Ave in Wallaceburg.
Come check out what Ballistic Fitness is all about!
Call 1-519-350-5150, email , , or check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

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