Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Black Goose – Broasted Chicken!

Thank you to everyone who ordered last night. Once again, we had an issue with our cooker filtering system putting us behind 15-20 minutes. We believe we have this worked out but as a precaution, we are going to eliminate one time slot so that if there is an issue, we won’t lose any time on orders. Also, Sunday morning from 11-12, we will do broaster chicken orders in case people are looking for boating chicken or picnic chicken or just plain old eating chicken. We will offer this every Saturday and Sunday morning until our permanent hours start after the close of the soup kitchen in two weeks. Thank you to everyone for being patient last night. We had a total of three mixups, which is something that we will correct moving forward. We have zero tolerance for mistakes. Have a great weekend everyone.

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