Wednesday, February 24, 2021

C-K Police Chief issues ‘anti-racism’ message

Chatham-Kent Police Service officials say recent events in Minneapolis have challenged the public trust that Chatham-Kent officers work “so hard every day” to earn.

The Chatham-Kent Police Service also released a statement from Chief Gary Conn.

“What transpired in the Untied States and from what I viewed, the actions and behaviours exhibited by the officers in question were deeply disturbing, tragic and disheartening,” Chief Conn stated.

“Incidents like this tarnish and erode public trust and confidence while further reducing police legitimacy. They have no place in our community or the policing profession.”

Chief Conn added: “That being said, we cannot let the actions/behaviours of a few, in another country, diminish the great community based strategic policing which the vast majority of our officers complete on a day to day basis. Instead we need to recognize the fact that there are deep systemic racial barriers which unfortunately still exist at a societal level, and we must continue to work towards breaking these barriers down until they don’t exist.”

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