Saturday, March 6, 2021

Bloomfield Business Park expansion moving forward

The expansion of the Bloomfield Business Park in Raleigh has been given the green light.

Chatham-Kent Council approved a $2,399,950 tender award contract as part of the consent agenda at their June 15, 2020 electronic Council meeting.

Henry Heyink Construction Ltd. submitted the lowest bid and had been recommended by administration for the project. The bid also fell within the budget estimate.

“Future potential for development in the business park has initiated the need to construct Phase 2,” said Mark McFadden, manager of infrastructure services, in a staff report.

“Phase 2 of the business park will include the extension of Prosperity Way to Seventh Line West, and the extension of Seventh Line West to the existing wooded lot. This work shall include a new sanitary sewer, storm sewer, watermain, curbs and gutter, granular road base, asphalt surface and street lighting.”

McFadden said Council approved the development of a municipally serviced industrial area and business park within the Highway 401 corridor back in 2002.

At the time, the Municipality hired Dillon Consulting Limited to complete the overall design of the track of land to be designated as the Bloomfield Business Park. McFadden said in his report.

Construction began on the infrastructure required to service the business park in 2003 and construction of Phase 1 of the business park along Seventh Line and a portion of Prosperity Way was completed in 2005.

The project has been approved as part of the 2020 Capital budget, McFadden said.

Tenders were called and received back on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

A total of nine contractors submitted tenders, with Henry Heyink Construction Ltd., a Chatham-based company, entering the lowest bid.

“The sanitary sewer portion of this project consists of approximately 811 metres of 300mm to 600mm diameter PVC and concrete sewer pipe, eight manholes and a total of 10 lateral service connections, all new infrastructure,” McFadden said.

“The storm sewer portion of this project consists of approximately 839 metres of 300mm to 750mm diameter PVC and concrete sewer pipe, eight manoles, 17 catch basins, and 10 lateral service connections, all new infrastructure.”

McFadden said the watermain portion of the project consists of approximately 464 metres of 300mm diameter PVC pipe, six fire hydrants and 10 water service connections, all new infrastructure.

“Seventh Line will be upgraded to a typical rural road cross-section, with the fibre reinforced asphalt pavement being extended to the existing woodlot,” McFadden said.

“Prosperity Way will be extended to Seventh Line, with a typical urban road cross section, including curb and gutter, and fibre reinforced asphalt pavement.”

For more information about the Bloomfield Business Park, visit the Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services web page, here.

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