Monday, August 3, 2020

What are some common summer HVAC Problems?

The hotter it gets during the summer, the more calls we at Arctic Heating and Cooling receive for air conditioner repair.

Today we will talk about poor air flow issues that can affect how your air conditioner works.

Poor air flow to the HVAC unit can be caused in a number of ways. One common summer culprit is vegetation growing up around the unit, trapping the heat inside. This can cause inefficiency as well as overheating. Additionally, when the air conditioner is running more, the intake air filter gets dirty faster. That means it’s particularly important to replace that filter every month during the summertime. Dirty filters can also mean dirty coils. Having the coils checked and cleaned before the summer starts can help keep air moving freely over them.

Watch tomorrow for the next common problem with your HVAC unit.

If you need a service on your HVAC equipment give Karen a call at Arctic Heating and Cooling 519-627-6726.

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