Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Visiting hours cancelled at CKHA after staff member tests positive for COVID-19

Until further notice, visiting hours at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s (CKHA) Chatham and Wallaceburg sites will be cancelled to ensure the safety of patients, staff, physicians and the wider community.

Hospital officials say a staff member at the organization has tested positive for COVID-19 and with the increase in positive cases locally, CKHA has taken the precaution in cancelling visiting hours to all non-essential visitors.

A Blackburn News report says the staff member works at the Chatham hospital site in an acute care area.

“CKHA continues to work closely with CK Public Health to take all appropriate precautions and safety measures”, CKHA officials said in a press release.

“CKHA is only allowing limited visitation to essential visitors. The visitor must check in to the nurses’ station prior to visiting. All visitors must be actively screened prior to entering CKHA.”

Hospital officials say as a visitor, you must be wearing a mask at all times while in the hospital.

“Visitors will then be required to wear any additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required while visiting,” CKHA officials say.

“There are no exceptions to this and individuals who do not follow PPE requirements will be asked to leave the facility.”

The following patients are permitted visitors at this time:

Patients who are actively dying: An inpatient who is actively dying, as determined by the Most Responsible Physician (MRP), may have one visitor present at a time.

Patients who require support (inpatient or outpatient): A small number of patients (e.g. very frail/elderly, patient with dementia, person who is non-verbal or severely disabled) require a support person or advocate to be present, whose absence may negatively impact the provision of safe care. In this case and at the direction of the clinical provider/team, this patient may be accompanied.

Paediatric Patients: Paediatric patients (18 and under) may be accompanied by one adult caregiver.

Emergency Department: A patient who is at imminent risk of dying may have a loved one present with them during their Emergency Department (ED) stay. Patients with cognitive or mobility difficulties may be accompanied by one person during their ED stay. Paediatric patients in the ED are permitted to be accompanied by one adult.

Women in Labour/Post-Partum: Women in active labour may be accompanied by one adult visitor. This includes the duration of their post-partum stay.

Requests for Exceptions: Exceptions are only considered in rare and truly exceptional circumstances. If a family member wishes to seek an exception to the visitation policy, they should contact CKHA’s Patient Relations department.

“CKHA is also requesting that only essential items be delivered to patients in hospital,” hospital officials say.

“This includes items such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, toothbrushes and hygiene items. Deliveries of non-essential items will not be accepted. Thank you to our patients and families for your understanding during this time.”

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