Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Chatham-Kent Police introduces new Bike Patrol Unit

In an effort to enhance public safety and to assist in mitigating complex social disorders often occurring in downtown core areas across Chatham-Kent, the Chatham-Kent Police Service is introducing a newly formed Bike Patrol Unit.

“The BPU comprises of 10 officers, who have been specially trained to patrol areas of concern,” Chatham-Kent Police Service officials said in a media release.

“This Unit will not only increase police visibility throughout our Municipality, but will also greatly assist with engaging citizens and store owners by getting officers out of patrol vehicles and connecting with the public.”

The bicycles are fully outfitted with high visibility of blue/red emergency lighting enabling them to be deployed to support Community Patrol officers with calls for service, police officials say.

Bicycle Patrol officers will also attend special events across Chatham-Kent for public safety, while patrolling nature trails or parks to provide recreational users with a sense of security, police officials added.

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